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You can use it for gaming to get an increased field of view or for efficient multi-tasking at work. Click on the New button as highlighted in the image shown above. In the search box, type Snipping Tool, and then, in the list of results, click Snipping Tool.

If you select a full-screen snip, the tool will capture the entire screen. On Windows, the Snipping Tool was superseded with the Snip & Sketch tool. Snip & Sketch is the easiest way to screenshots on Windows if you want to edit or share your screen captures. This option captures just one window, but you will have to highlight the desired window before using the key command.

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Knowing how to screenshot on Windows is not only a necessity but it’s also pretty easy. Regardless of whether you’re using Windows 11 or a previous version of Microsoft’s OS, you’ll take the same steps to get your screenshots. Windows 10 laptops introduced the new default feature in an October 2018 update, effectively allowing users to grab portions of their screen without the need for third-party applications. These steps will guide you through the grab and save process. However the captured image is not immediately saved, it’s actually copied to your computer’s clipboard. Follow these steps to turn that floating screengrab into an image file you can save.

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Multi-app kiosk mode is a lockdown feature for Windows 11 that allows an IT administrator to select a set of allowable apps to run on the device, while all other functionalities are blocked. This enables you to create multiple different apps and access configurations for different user types, all on a single device. We are beginning to roll out the updated “Open with” dialog box again to align with Windows 11 design principles. We have also simplified the experience by making it possible to update your default app with just one click. Since reverting this changeback in March, we’ve made performance improvements based on Insider feedback. Once active, you can select it like any other program from the command line.

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On Windows 11, just as on its predecessor, you can tap Windows Key–. To access a small panel with a generous selection of symbols, special characters, and emoji. Windows 10 introduced a terrific utility for taking screenshots, called Snip & Sketch.

Check the disc for damage and confirm that the disc is compatible with your computer. Now, let’s follow the steps below to watch a DVD on Windows computer via Windows Media Player. Take screenshots of your favorite scene while playing a DVD. Offer feasible playback control of effects, subtitles, audio tracks, and more. To play a DVD from any region without limits, the first way to play a DVD video on computer is using an ultimate DVD player, Vidmore Player.