How to Take Scrolling Screenshot in Windows 11, 10

To find the recorded video, go to the Loom library. Once you finish recording then all your automatically stored in the Loom library. From there, you can create a new folder for your different videos, download the video, Edit, Share, and more.

Under the Shortcut tab, select the Advanced option. Then, check the Enable Run as Administrator checkbox. When you close the command prompt shortcut, you will be prompted to enter your password for the Admin account.

Method 2: Save the Screenshot to a File

The Settings app was designed to adjust operating system, including changing Windows 10 administrator account. The user account will get the rights and privileges of administrator account. If you have trouble with certain files on your computer, you may need to change the permissions on them.

Sign into your computer with an Administrator account. The first account created on a computer is the Administrator by default.You cannot make changes to User Account Controls without administrator privileges. I am having trouble logging in to my home screen I forgot my administrator password and do not know what other keys to type to correct this problem. If your local account does not use a password, but you want the computer to require a password to sign in to your account, use the Accounts settings to set a password. HP recommends using a ‘connected account’ with Microsoft to sign in to Windows.

What We’ve Noticed about the Game Bar Feature

Given that Xbox DVR is a default app, which is to say, it is convenient and safe enough, so you may prefer to use it. However, shortcoming is that it comes without rich functions as other dedicated screen recorders for Windows 10 have. Here if you desire use this hidden feature on your PC, you can follow the instruction below.

In the Capture window, click the white circle icon to start your screen recording. A small bar will appear on the right side of the screen timing how long you’ve been recording for. You can, of course, change the default location by clicking on Browse, setting the destination folder and click on OK. Now that everything has been set up, simply click on Start Recording, and your Windows screen recording will begin. It helps me a lot since I’m looking for another screen recorder that I may use for my project. Besides, I’m using Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro with more than a year, this tool is very easy to use because you don’t need to download any third party app to use it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to record your screen in Windows 11. Accessing the new Game bar and using the Game DVR functionality, which ships with the new Xbox app in Windows 10, is pretty straightforward. Of course, if you want more robust options to record your screen, then as of now, you will have to utilize a third-party utility, but for basic needs this will get the job done.